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Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF)

Compact container type BDF plant, at 400L/day (8 hrs. operation).

Fully compliant with quality specification: B100 JISK 2890:2008 (Japan Standard) or B100 EN14214:2009 (EU Standard) as per customer’s optional choice on the standard.

FAME: 97.4% and above.

Zero (0) CO2 emissions count as the CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis during the growth of organism hence, contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Our container size plant is especially suitable for

Working models for Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF)

Corporate Social Responsibility (Japan)

Using a mixture of BFD and fossil fuels (diesel fuel) for their fleet of prime movers / trucks on a daily basis, consumption of fosil fuels is reduced, hence cutting C02 emissions in the city thus improving air quality.

This is a way for us to fulfil our corporate social responsibility by being a "Green" member of the society.