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Industrial DIY Epoxy, Tapes and Adhesives

We are the authorised distributors for a comprehensive range of industrial solutions for easy fix and easy repair.

Red Epoxy

Fix and Repair for most materials - High Pressure Adhesive

Pressure Resistant up to 21Mpa/cm²

  • High Pressure 3000psi!
  • Easy & Quick
  • Oil, Gas, Fuel, Solvent Resistant
  • D350° F (176.7° C) ~ -40° F (-40° C)
  • Chemical resistent and more...

For Use on All Metals and Rigid Plastic

Including aluminium alloys, cast irons, copper and copper alloys (brass and bronze), magnesium and magnesium alloys, carbon steels, stainless steels, galvanized surface, PVC, CPVC, ABS, fibreglass, black polypropylene, Kyner.


Repeat in same manner if more strength required.

Sand it! File it! Re-drilling! Re-tapping! Painting!

Metal, PVC, Plastic, Rubber, Wood, Pottery, Glass, FRP, Leather and many other Materials.

Chemical Resistance

Ethanol O  
Acetone X  
Nitrate O (Concentrate X)
Gasoline O  
Benzen O  
Toluoles O  
Xylol O  
Hydrochloric acid O (Concentrate X)
Sulphuric acid O (Concentrate X)
Phosphoric acid O (Concentrate X)
Sodium hydroxide O (Concentrate X)

Arlon Tape Grey

Self fusing silicon tape

Code Size Diameter Unit JAN code
SRG-2 W25 x L2000mm 50A 24 4560361000331
SRG-5 W25 x L5000mm 50A 12 4560361000348
SRG-11 W25 x L11000mm 50A 6 4560361000355
SRG-38 W38 x L6000mm 100A 8 4560361000362

Non Toxicity!

Rector Seal

  • Piping (Stainless, Copper, Steel, PVC) Joint, Drain
  • Air conditioner (Duct, Unit, Fan)
  • Electrical Machinery (Housing motor, Shaft)
  • Industry (Equipment, Pump, Housing)
  • Car (Oil tank, Engine block, Fan, Muffler, Oil pan, Radiator)
  • Ship (Bottom, Piping, Motor)
  • Agriculture (tool, Machinery)
  • D.I.Y (Tile, Wall, Piping, Cabinet, Door)
  • About 10kg/cm² pressure

Wet and Roll up High Tape

Apply to various cases

  • Factory, Plant, Piping, House, etc...
  • Piping (Stainless, Copper, Steel, PVC)
  • Elevated Tank, Aepic Tank, etc...
  • Making machine, Construction machinery, Oil piping etc...
  • Repair and Reinforce Vessels equipment in Voyage.

Wet and Roll up Quick Tape

Sun Sheet

FRP Repair


For soft surface and vibrated spot.

Material: UV curable epoxy acrylate resin

Temp: 105° C (221° F)


  • Clean a surface
  • Make a sand.
  • Apply and 3mins harden by UV.
  • Patch a film during for making beauty completion

All the details are in good faith but without guarantee due to depend on conditions.


Anti-Rust for deck, engine room - No fire and Easy!

Stainless Coat

Easy and Quick Stainless Paint

Resbond™ 907GF

2300° F Adhesive and Sealant Putty - Bonds, Seals Fills and Protects

Resbond 907GF Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant is a moist, creamy putty for use from -300°F to 2350°E.

It is easily applied from standard caulking cartridges and air dries in 4- 12 hours at room temperature. (Curing may be accelerated with mild heat).

Resbond 907GF has excellent adhesion to clean steel, stainless, iron, most metals, ceramlcs, ceramic cloths, tapes, gaskets, tadpoles gaskets, etc.

Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, aging, thermal cycling, and electricity.

Applications Include:

  • Bonds - Ceramic tapes, metals, ceramics, glass, assemblies instruments, etc.
  • Repairs -Exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plant equipment, ceramics, fire bricks, mortar etc.
  • Assembles - High temperature equipment, brazing fixtures, brazing supports, stacks, etc.
  • Seals - Exhaust systems, stacks, flues, gaskets, fills surface irregularities, etc.

Users Report:

  • Resbond 907GF seals exhaust ducts against corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.
  • Resbond 907GF replaces ceramic gaskets and successfully seals p~pe joints for use up to 1800°E
  • Resbond 907GF bonds over lapping layers of stainless steel to form air ducts for furnaces that operate at 1200°F continuously.

Packaged in convenient dispenser tubes and standard caulking cartridges.

Resbond 907GF is ideal for use in any high temperature Assembly, Production, Repair or Maintenance Application.

Physical Properties 907GF
Max Use Temp 3000 °F
Continuous Service Temp 2350 °F
Density # / ft³ 65 - 80
Compressive Strength psi 1500
Elongation % 5
Specific Heat BTU/# °F 0.25
Dielectric Constant @ 10³ cps 3.0
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm 10³
Dielectric Strength Volts/mil 145
Thermal Cond. BTU in/ °F hr, ft @ 500 F 6.0
Shrinkage % 2
Shelf Life (Months) 6