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Modular cleanroom

Modular cleanroom with automatic control of temperature / humidity, air flow and cleanness.

Room partition is removable for space extension and cleanliness is easy to upgrade to offer best cost performance.

For full specification of our Modular Cleanroom, download PDF here.

Clean Room Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

FFU casing is designed, via air flow simulation software, to ensure the efficiency and flow distribution.

Aerofoil or centrifugal fan is selected to meet the application requirement.

In-house BLDC Motor Production Line

The DC brushless motor is designed to achieve over 90% of efficiency, and the shaft/bearing is prevented from electrical pitting to assure the designed bearing life. The design service life is calculated to be L10>5,000,000 hrs and L50>400,000 hrs for bearing ball and bearing grease, respectively.

High efficiency design of FFU controller

FFU controller is designed by Taiwan professional company, which is invested by international well known company, and is manufactured in Taiwan. The controller is tested to meet the EMC and SEMI standards and the harmonic filter is built-in to minimize the interference of power source.

Monitoring and control function

For full specification of our Clean Room Fan Filter Unit, download PDF here.