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Pneumatic Conveyance System

To collect refuse or soiled linens through a pneumatic system in automatic and continuous operation.

The system consists of the loading stations, the riser, the horizontal pipes and an integrated collection plant master control panel etc...

The system is used to convey the bagged materials from the loading stations, down the riser and then through the horizontal piping up to the appropriate collector.

Bags are conveyed to the collector by air flow generated with the fan at a maximum speed of about 50m / sec then stored there.

The storage bags are dumped through an opened bottom plate of the collector or screw conveyor by automatic operation.

The bags are compacted into the container and transported to the land fill site or incineration plant.

System Features

  1. Wastes can be disposed off at any time
  2. Automatic and pre-designated time to operate the system
  3. Connected to Building Management System to monitor the system
  4. To efficiently store large amounts of refuse
  5. No leakage of bad odour and water
  6. More environmental user friendly
  7. Easy, safe and hygienic refuse collection
  8. Drastically reduce manpower involvement compared to manual refuse collection