Speciality Engineering

Marine Field Speciality

Support System To Marine Works At Home / Abroad With Many Records And High Reputation

Our Marine Works Division play a vital supporting role in maintaining the tip top condition of all our customers' merchant/defence ships and offshore development rigs where highy advanced technology systems are installed. The divisions' successful performance in great number of installation, checking/repair and maintenance works are enjoying high reputation from the customers in Japan and other parts of the world.

Marine Services

Monitoring & Alarming System

  • Control Console / Graphic Panel
  • Annunciator System
  • Voice Alarm System
  • Data Logging System
  • Rotor Thrust Indicator
  • Vibration Monitor
  • Cargo Oil Control Console
  • Loading Computer

Variable Speed Controller

  • Deck Crane Control Equipment
  • Mooring Winch
  • Windlass Winch

Daiko Reflector Compass

Reflector Compass Type SR-150PK SR-150PKK (H.K.) SR-165PS SR-165PSK (H.K.) is installed upon the flying bridge deck and can be seen in the wheeelhouse for both standard compass and steering purposes.

The binnacle has an optical equipment by which the graduation of the card can be reflected on the lower part of the inner pipe. This avoids the bad effect due to other magnetic substances also saves the space in the steering room.

By increasing the magnification on the reflected graduation using the built-in room lens, reflector compass surpass the conventional compass.

Card graduation 000° ~ 360°


  • Corrector Plate (1set)
  • Flinders Bar (1set)
  • Shadow Pins (1 set)
  • Packing (1 set)
  • Switch Box (1 set)

Spare Parts

  • Mirror
  • Lamp
    (DC 24v/10W) (2 sets)
  • Cleaning Cloth (1 set)
  • Anti-Cloud Oil (1 set)


For full specification, download PDF here.